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As you go through these pages, if there is any type of specimen you do not see but are interested in, please feel free to contact us, we have a rather large inventory. I suspect we can fill your needs, even if you are in need of a particular beetle family or another specific request- we have it!

New species of Planthopper discovered. An interview in 2014.

And you think your job is hard.

All specimens on this page are from the Dominican Republic and about 24 million years old (unless otherwise stated).


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1. This piece has a unusual ant. amber I must also tell you that I am not an expert in ants though but that will not stop me from telling you that I think it is a worker ant in the subfamily of Ponerinae, Leptanilloides sp. The amber has a number of other animals also, from a gall gnat, Cecidomyiidae to part of a twisted leaf. Good piece.
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2. A pendant shaped piece of Dominican amber with a good looking adult planthopper, Hemiptera, Fulgoridea: Achilidae. There is also part of a branching twig in this piece.
Scanned Image! amber

3. Rather an interesting piece of amber. Not particularly polished, but smooth. This chunk has 3 worker termites, Isoptera. The termites are so bloated that they are almost unrecognisable. A fun piece to look at with a magnifier. You will like this 'different' piece of Dominican amber.
Scanned Image!amber




4. This does have a nice barklouse, Psocoptera, but there is something else. 3 unknowns are scattered around this clear piece. I thought they may be seeds or bracts from flowers, but I do not think so. Interesting.
Scanned Image.



5. This is a very rare specimen. Sawflies are very hard to find (I have seen only 2) in Dominican amber - or any amber as far as that goes. This is a male sawfly, Hymenoptera, Argidae. The 4 antennae on this particular piece are fantastic. This is for the serious collector, not the casual collector.

Scanned Image.

$ 735

6. amberNormally I try and keep everything on this page as Dominican. This one is different. It is from Chiapas, Mexico. This piece has a lot of mammalian hair inside it. When I look closely, I see very unusual things. While I have no doubt this is mammalian hair, the hair itself is rather unusual. Some pieces are thicker than others and some have pigment like 'dashes'. I did not know that pigment in hair can contract resulting in an unusual pattern. There are some bugs, in particular a very large fly and even a smaller one next to the giant. There is a potential that this piece has a great amount of scientific value. Update, I have a friend, Chris, who has a great interest in hair. He just sent me this information: "The type of hair is called banded hair. It is more common in rodents. There is a type of rodent called an agouti. It has this type of hair. They are related to guinea pigs......My guess is it is more uncommon because rodents would be less likely to rub hard against anything to loose hair. "
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7. Clear piece with a small fly, Diptera, Brachycera along with a very nice midge, Chironomidae. amber

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amber8. A rather bold piece with a female worker ant coming off the side, Hymenoptera, Formicidae. The rear portion of the abdomen is gone, but this does not detract from the beauty of the piece, good sized ant.
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9. A rather non-de script piece with some really cool things. There is part of a leaf (cut right through the leaf) and also a planthopper, Hemiptera, Fulgoridea.
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10.Mosquitoes are members of the insect Family Culicidae. Insects, belonging to this family possess paired scaled wings, paired halteres, slender bodies, and long legs. They belong to the insect Order Diptera (“true flies”). Mosquitoes are similar to flies though. The differences among the two insects include: scales on the wings of mosquitoes, longer legs and female mosquitoes possessing a long mouth part called proboscis in the female, used for piercing their victim’s skin. The males do not have the proboscis - so when you get bitten by a mosquito, you are being bitten by a female. To find a mosquito in amber is a VERY rare occurrence. Mosquito's are not attracted to the aramaic compounds found in resin (amber). Which means they have no reason to find themselves trapped in that sticky resin from the tree. Gnats and such are attracted to the resin, but not mosquito's. As generally known, mosquito's are attracted by a maambermmalian scent - not the chemical aroma of a tree.

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11. Coprolite..........if you know what that is, read on. This is a beautiful, spherical piece of Dominican amber. It is large, spherical and the coprolite is large. amberIn fact it is large enough that I can confidently say that this is a mammalian coprolite (poop). Probably the finest I have ever seen, this is about .9 inches in diameter. A sure conversation piece, you cannot go wrong with this beauty. Bottom line, this is really a cool piece.


amber12. This has a plant bug, Hemiptera, family Miridae. Rather unusual to see these animals in amber. The piece of amber is cab shaped.
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amber13. There are 3 winged termites, Isoptera, in this amber. Very unusual to find even 1. On top of that there is a wasp and some other unknown Dipteran (the elongated abdomen.) Good piece to round off a collection.
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14. There is part of a leaf and not far from that is a shining fungus beetle, Coleoptera, Scaphidiidae. This is on the 'smaller size'. amber

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amber15. 241 grams (1/2 pound) of pure, clear Dominican amber. Just a beautiful piece. You can see clear through this piece. As is evident from the images, this is not polished. One side of it was cut with a diamond saw (you can see the blade marks). Quite this piece and it is priced at seven dollars per gram. It is about 3 x 3 x 3 inches.
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16. Large domed cab with an unknown beetle wrapped in either a leaf or part of an amber tube. A rather interesting piece - at a good price.
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17. Nice clear piece of Dominican amber with 3 gnats , Diptera, Cecidomyiidae - these are gall gnats.
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amber18. Beetle mania..........There are a scad of beetles in this piece. In fact there are two species of beetles here. One is a flat footed bark beetle, Platypodidae and the other is a leaf beetle (shown), Chrysomelidae. Good piece.
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19. Here is a silverfish, Thysanura. Silverfish are rather rare and seldom seen. This animal is in a smallish piece of amber near the edge. Good piece if you need a silverfish in your collection. There is some nice looking unknown organic debris around in this piece.
Scanned Image!

20. Here is almost what I would consider an impossible situation. We have a rare whip scorpion. This came from the La Toca mines and this one is out of this world. The whip scorpion is beautiful. Oh, is this a perfect specimen. There is also a small spider and even an unknown mite. This will take your breath away when you see it. This is one of the animals that you will sometimes find in books. Often it is the same picture that is used from book to book or article to article. They are so rare in Dominican amber that you will just not see that many pictures of them. The whip scorpion is one of the rarest of all finds. Tail-less whip scorpions or amblypigids are very efficient predators. They remain hidden under leaves, bark and other debris for most of the day. They come out at night to feed. Their chelicerae are modified into strong, spine-armored grasping organs that the hapless arthropods would find nearly inescapable. Their front pair of legs, in contrast, are long and slender, obviously modified for sensory functions. Lacking any type of tail appendage, these formidable creatures are not frequently encountered. The females carry their eggs in a sac attached to the undersurface of the abdomen by a few silken threads.

Amblypygi..........Genus Phrynus species resinae............... Schawaller 1979

This is a museum piece.
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21. Nice fly, Brachycera, in this piece of amber. The price is good on this specimen.amber
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amber22. You are going to love this one. There is a roach, Blattidae off to the side. "He" is complete. There is an unusual fungus looking white area near the back. In fact it looks like there is rope (it is not rope) going around the unknown malady of the roach.
Scanned Image!

amber23. Nice sized cab. This has a single rove beetle in it, Coleoptera, Staphylinidae. Rove beetles, typically have elytra like a short jacket, leaving exposed several abdominal segments.

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amber24. Need a good level - this en-hydro is large enough to serve as a carpenter's level. Rather rare to get such a large bubble as this. It is so easy to see the bubble move as the large piece is tilted. I have never seen one as good as this. It is a real beauty. I even tried to take a movie of the piece as it is titled. With this amount of water, I must extend this description for a little 'science fiction'. The water is 24 million years old. Just image what bacteria or viruses were around at that time. Now consider that they could still be inside the water in the amber. If you were to break open the amber and expose the water and in this case virus in the water, you might be exposing the world to a virus that might wipe out the human race.............. I think I could see science fiction story from this idea.
Scanned Image!

amber25. There is a story with this one. There is almost a dozen male fungus gnats, Diptera, Mycetophilidae, trapped in this amber. They were probably out on a Saturday night looking for mates and flew into the sticky resin, where they still are 24 million years ago. Cool piece.
Scanned Image!

amber26. Large chunk of amber that is very clear and has some beautiful, small animals. By far and the best are two crane flies, Tipulidae that look (to me) like a pair. The legs around the animals are breath taking. It is truly a joy to look at. Also, there are some other small ants and flies - but the eye catching item are the two crane flies.
Scanned Image!


amber27. We do not normally put such an expensive item on the first page, but this is good enough just because it is so fun to look at. If you haven't guessed, this is a butterfly, metalmark family possibly the genus Napaea (Riodinidae: Lepidoptera), but it is difficult to see the ventral side of the head. Just in case you do not know, wings are not normally spread in amber. This specimen is totally beautiful and so very unique that it has to be shown on this page. And yes, it does have it's own page. Enjoy these pictures since you will probably never see a butterfly with it's wings spread like this one again. Believe it or not, this is priced to sell quickly.
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28. What a gorgeous piece of Dominican amber. The amber is clear and the female worker ant, Hymenoptera, Formicidae, is easy to see. Interesting 'bubbles' next to her body. This is a good piece for some one's collection..

Scanned Image!

amber29. This is an interesting piece of amber. I does have a female, worker ant, Hymenoptera, Formicidae. When I first looked at her, I thought she had a mite on the thorax. Upon closer examination, I do not believe so. I am not sure what they are. Looks like 3 or 4 'things' on her. This is either an unbelievable buy or a bust - I really do not know.
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amber30. Some mayflies, Ephemeroptera, have 2 or 3 long hair-like tails and strong forewings. Hind wings are small and rounded or very reduced. Mayfly adults enjoy a life span of no more than two days. On transition from nymph to adult stage, they fly from the surface of the water for mating, but do not feed. They complete the mating process and die after one or two days. Mayfly eggs are laid in water, and are hatched within one or two weeks.

Fossils of mayflies are very rarely found in amber. Mayflies have the shortest life span of any animal. They may spend two to three years as nymphs at the bottom of lakes and streams, and then live for as little as one hour as winged adults. You may find this comic good, especially since it deals with mayflies (you will be leaving this site, but you can use your 'back' button.) This has a great price on is hard to beat.
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30. Have we got a great deal for you. We just got back from the Dominican Republic and bought a "bag full" of old pendants like the ones to the left. Some have bugs, most do not, but each one is special and hand done. Since we got such a good deal on them, we pass it on to you, these are only $25 each. You do not get to pick, this will be a situation where we reach into the bag and pull out one randomly. This is a real, real good deal. Our numbers are limited though.
Scanned Image! amber


loupeWe have been looking for a good jewel er's loupe that will not break the bank. This is it. Well built, good optics and something that everyone can afford. Our main goal with this loupe was that it would be a triplet loupe, have good optics and would not break the next day. Finally we wanted a loupe that you could give to a kid (or use yourself) and then not have to cry when the child lost the loupe. This just fits the bill every way around. You will love it. This is a 10X loupe (even though it does say 20X). It has all the power you will ever need.
This has it's own page also.

10, 7mm beads

10, 8mm beads

____________ 10, 9mm beads

____________ 10, 10mm beads

____________ 10, 11mm beads

amberWe just picked up a number of Dominican Republic amber beads. All are rather clear and beautiful. The sizes range from around 5 mm to 11 mm, although there are a number that are larger. The price is $14 per gram. We weighed a 5-6 mm bead and it weighed about .5 gram.

amberThat should give you a general reference. If you are interested in quantities other than on the left, email us and let us know general sizes and the numbered desired.

An authentic touch screen scale. It has a lid that opens up to an impressive touch screen scale. It is 4.5 x 2.5 inches x .5 inches deep. Very nicely built - this beauty even comes with a pouch so it does not get scratched. This is really a nice instrument AND they are on sale for only $18.95 (down from $27.85).

Amber Collection

Here is an interesting deal. I have a rather large number of amber pieces that are about 1.5 inches by 1 or more inches. The pieces are all large and all contain sharp looking insects. Now here is the deal: if there are any dealers that are interesting in the entire lot (there are about 1,000 of the giant pieces), I can give you a good deal on them. They are perfect sizes for pendants or just selling on the open market. This deal is contingent on selling the entire collection. The price for the entire lot is excellent. If you are interested, email me at and I will quote you a price for all 1,000 giant pieces.




blue amber31. This is different. We came into some of these blue amber rings and were so impressed that we now have a few to sell. Inside a room, the sphere looks like normal amber, outside or near a window, the sphere jumps 'beautiful blue' at you. Almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Not the slightest idea about sizes, but the inside diameter is 21 mm or 7/8 of an inch. The ring is open on the back side, so it should fit most fingers. We have never seen anything like this before. We have placed a very good price on the ring. The ring is hollow gold plated, 925 silver. It is very light and easy to wear. The rings are copyrighted by Art 7, a great jewelry design and manufacturer located in Poland.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Recognized By the International Amber Association as an Expert.
amber IAA

I am a member of the
World Amber Council, 2013

  • Oil Can Spider #106
  • Crane Fly #113
  • Crane Fly Legs #125
  • Pseudoscorpion #137
  • Female Earwig #149
  • Spider #156
  • Flower Bud #30
  • Wood Gnat #44
  • Strange Looking Air Bubbles #55
  • Cockroach #63
  • Leafhopper #69
  • Cockroach #78
  • Spider #86
Oil Can Spider #1061 Crane Fly #1132 Crane Fly Legs #1253 Pseudoscorpion #1374 Female Earwig #1495 Spider #1566 Flower Bud #307 Wood Gnat #448 Strange Looking Air Bubbles #559 Cockroach #6310 Leafhopper #6911 Cockroach #7812 Spider #8613

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